SBS is unique in its approach to tax consulting.
Unique for its office location: the Firm partners all have had extensive experience in major international firms, before taking the decision settle in their original region of Puglia, sharing a office in a prestigious building in the city of Lecce, where it was founded back in 2006.
Unique for the services provided: We can offer a broad spectrum and a high quality professional advice ranging from tax and legal, to more strategic areas.
Unique for the professional expertises of the firm partners, who can offer well rounded advice services from legal to economic strategy.
Unique for its international vocation that allows the Firm to interface smoothly and efficiently with foreign counterparties, being those Law firms and/or Strategic consultants.
Unique because of its organization that perfectly mixes dynamic and innovative visions with a traditional work ethic.
Unique for the high standards of its professionals, combined with constant attention to the client.
Unique thanks mostly to our Clients, who have decided to put their trust in the Firm, a trust that has been confirmed year after year.

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Tax Consulting

The Firm carries out tax advisory services for Italian companies and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies, offering personalized tax assistance in the context of both ordinary business management activities, as well as support for strategic and organisational development. This includes continuous consultancy in the field of direct and indirect taxes, customs and international taxation, taxation on financial statements and professional opinions on these matters.

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Legal/Corporate Area

The Firm is specialised in both ordinary and extraordinary corporate consultancy and assistance. Our representatives assist clients in taking minutes from the corporate bodies, extraordinary acts and contracts.

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Company Area

The Firm offers consulting in accounting to small and medium-sized companies, as well as complete accounting services for SPVs and financial holding companies.
It is also specialised in accounting control, accounting checks and implementation of management control.